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What is spmu?

Semi-Permanent Makeup is the process of depositing pigments in your skin to mimic brow hair or shading creates a fuller brow look. It provides perfect brows, every single day - without the hassle of drawing them on! Microblading creates hair like strokes with pigments that last up to 18 months, depending on your lifestyle and how well you look after them.


If you prefer a more pencilled-in look, machine brows (a.k.a. powder or ombre) is the one for you.

SPMU deposits pigment in the first layer of skin only, so it’s crucial that strict aftercare is carried out for best results and reduces the chance of fading

lolface microblading course

Here at Lolface we offer a microblading course from our Lolface Academy, you can now book your place from our booking page. This course will allow you to become a fully fledged microblading expert! 

To find out more please contact, for more information.

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Permanent Eyebrows Makeup


Lauren is very professional and has done such a great job of my brows. Her numbing cream is also amazing, I didn’t feel a thing unlike pervious times when I've had it done back at home in Scotland. Would highly recommend.


My second appointment with Lauren and I can say I wouldn’t let anyone else touch my brows. She instantly makes you feel at ease. Such a lovely lass. If you are thinking of getting your brows done then she is the one to see! Hands down genius.


Lauren was lovely and did a great job despite what she had to work with as I had very little hair on my brows. I love them thanks Lauren.